3D objects in Photoshop CS 3

Video Transcript

Ya-hoo! Great to have you back. In this movie what I wanna do is begin to look at some of the 3-D functionality that’s built inside of Photoshop CS3. Also, I’m going to watermark my photos as well. I will follow step-by-step instructions posted on visualwatermark.com.

Alright, I have a couple of different layers here and I’m gonna work on the 3-D can layer first, because I have to go to full screen view mode.

What we can do now is we can take an object, a 3-D object that was created somewhere else and bring it in Photoshop and modify it. Check this out: I can go to Layer - 3-D layers - Transform 3-D model. Now there are a number of different ways I can transform this model. I can transform its position. I can transform it scale. Make it smaller or bigger. I can rotate this guy and I can rotate multiple ways. Spin it. You get the gist. So there’s a lot that can be done with this. Press enter to apply those transformations. Now what I wanna do is look at how I can bring some content onto or map some content onto this 3D - object. Press F to get out of full screen view mode for a second. I’m gonna click on this layer here, where I have all of the details for the packaging for this particular product. Press Command - A to select all. Command - C to copy. Navigate back over here and this is a smart object and so I can then open up one of those textures. I’m gonna create a new layer. And Command-V to paste the content into that later. And now, check this out. If I press Command-S. Maximize compatibility? Sure. It updated my 3-D object. How crazy cool is that? Even more! Layer- 3-D Layers - Transform 3-D model. Now I can flip the thing around, I can see this from all different sides. And see how this packaging would actually work on this particular product and that is pretty amazing as well as do some alignment for marketing purposes. There are some great testing stuff that can be done here and again there’s just a ton of control in regards to positioning, scale, size, span. You get the gist. There are just… or it it’s quite amazing. So, now that I’ve done that, let’s take a look at maybe another use of doing this. Let’s double click our texture. Apply the transformation. And I have to get out of full screen view mode. And what I wanna do here is actually go over to my label and turn on this layer of my daughter Sophia. Press F to go to full screen view mode, so we can see it. Here’s a photograph of Sophia and what I’m gonna do here… I’m actually going to re-position this one a little bit and free transformer so it’s a little bit bigger. Alright. And because this is a demo I’m gonna get away with free transforming up a little bit. I don’t think that will hurt too bad and…again…Here’s Sophia. This cute photo of her wearing her grandma’s glasses. Command - A to select all. Command - C to copy. Go back to the can and open up my texture. And then create a new layer. Command- V to paste. I’ll turn off this background. Press Command - S. And now my can is updated… with Sophia on it. How crazy is that? Excuse me. I’m losing my voice here a little bit. I’m just getting over a bit of a cold. But as you can see she is now on this can, and in this case it’s just kind of fun, but you can see that there are going to be some real creative uses for…for doing stuff like this. Where we can bring some content onto 3-D objects and in this case it’s just kind of for fun and other situations…it’s gonna be a little bit more realistic where we’re doing stuff like packaging. Or we’re changing color of our packaging or modifying it. We want to see a real quick update. Again let’s say we want to shift the color here and I’m just gonna do a real broad shift, so we can actually see what’s happening. Click OK. Command - S. Now that’s updated and I have a completely different version of that particular image. I’m just gonna transform the model little bit, so we can see it in that perspective. Alright, well as you can see, there are some incredible 3-D capabilities built inside of Photoshop CS 3. And that wraps up this tutorial movie. Hope it’s been helpful. Bye for now.