Color And Tone Corrections In Photoshop CS 3

Video Transcript

Alright. Hey! Welcome back. In this movie what I wanna do is focus on color and tone, and share with you a really cool color and tone technique.

Here we have an image that I captured yesterday of this sculpture in these really interesting clouds. And this was the image as shot. This is the image as shot. You know, I’ve always been fascinated with sculpture for some reason. I don’t know if it’s…the whole thing about line, shape and form. In this particular case… because so much to me in photography, design is about line, shape and form. And also it’s somehow transcends logic. It’s not totally… just based on common sense but… there’s something else going on there. So anyway, we have this cool image. And I wanna post this image on my blog, but I want to do a little bit of the color and tone. So I’m gonna press “Tab” to bring everything back and then after go to full screen view mode. And then I’m gonna hold an Option/Alt key and use my scroll wheel to zoom out a little bit. “Space Bar” to reposition the image to the top part of the screen. Alright, now that I have that image here, on the top part of the screen, what I wanna do is to copy the background layer. There are a couple of different ways that I can do this. One way is obviously drag this to the New Layer icon. I can press Command or Ctrl - J to copy that to a new layer or if I’ve unlocked the layer - let’s call this background. And if I have more than one layer in my document what I can do is I can option click and drag that to a new layer. That’s a great shortcut, because it’s probably one of the fastest ways to copy a layer to a new or just copy a layer, for that matter. Command - J or Option, click and drag - those the two techniques that I use most often. Alright, well now, that I’ve copied this, I need to copy it again. So I’ll have two versions of it. Now, this top layer…what I’m gonna do is change the blend mode here to something like Overlay. This middle one I’m going to de-saturate. And I can de-saturate with any number of techniques used for black-and-white conversion. In this case I’m simply gonna press Command - U and then pull out the color. So it’s completely just black-and-white. There isn’t a lot of contrast added. Next I’m gonna go to this Overlay layer and change my blend mode to Overlay. This is where I’m getting some really interesting color. My next step is gonna be to select these two layers and press Command - G for Group. And this is my new color. Command - Plus to zoom in a little bit. Yeah, let’s zoom out just a tad bit there, so we can kinda see what we have. Now, the nice thing about grouping these is that I can then modify this. I can lower the opacity a little bit if I need to. If I want to back that effect off just a little bit. In this case, I think it looks really nice, really nice, deep and dark. Another thing that I can do. Because the contrast is really being built up with this layer is I can double click this layer to open up Advance Blending. Now, Advanced Blending is incredibly powerful. What I can do on this layer is I can actually pull out the deepest tones. See those blacks? How there’s…there’s deep blacks aren’t as black because a lot of times when you do blending like this you just lose all the detail in the blacks. Now sometimes that isn’t a problem. Yet other times it is, so you can use this Advanced Blending technique. You can pull those out and then Option or Alt - click those. And then split the difference here, so it creates a little bit of a transition. Let’s click OK and see how this one looks. Then press Command - Z to look at our before and after. And let’s hope that my computer doesn’t crash right now, because I’m getting the old spinning beach ball there. Here’s my before and there’s my after. It has that same kind of color tone yet I didn’t over-deepen those black colors, so the image looks pretty cool. Alright, let’s zoom out a little bit, so we can actually see where we’re going. Here’s our before and after. That looks pretty cool. The last thing I want to do with this image is sharpen it and we’ll do that in the next movie.